Dry Fruits & Monsoon

Hello, Greetings from Nickmics! Monsoon has arrived. Monsoon is mind freshener among all the seasons. Monsoon Freshen-ups trees, air, water, environment around us. This refreshment of nature is very much helpful for humans. The human body adapts the nourishment very fast in monsoon. Monsoon, not also soothes the human mind, but also helps increase immunity. […]

Indus Expo-2023

An exhibition showcasing the dry fruits delicacies was held on the 8th January to 10th January at Bengaluru’s Indus expo. Dry Fruits Exhibition and launch, the event was a hit among dry fruit lovers, foodies, children and curious individuals alike. The exhibition boasted a wide array of fruits. Attendees were given the opportunity to taste, […]

The Surprising Reason Cashews are a Weight Loss Win

Cashew nuts are among the most popular recipes, from ice creams and cakes to soups and spicy curries. Being rich in nutrients, cashews play a vital role in balancing weight. Cashews have an arsenal of nutrients that support weight loss and make them a part of a healthy diet. If you eat high-calorie food, you […]

Why Dry Fruits Should Be Your Go-To Snack

Nuts are a widely consumed food. They’re delicious, convenient, and can be consumed on any diet, from keto to vegan. Despite their high fat content, they provide numerous health and weight-loss benefits. Nuts are widely praised for their delicious flavour and convenience, but their taste is one of many reasons they’re so popular. Here are […]

Dry Fruits and Weight Loss: Can They Help You Shed Pounds?

Dry fruits are a superfood!! Dry fruits are a popular food group with numerous health benefits.  Simply eating some dry fruits will help you lose weight! But, of course, you’ll lose even more if you eat a lot of fruit! But hold on! These are just some of the myths surrounding fruit consumption. Next, we’ll […]
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