Dry Fruits & Monsoon

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Greetings from Nickmics!

Monsoon has arrived. Monsoon is mind freshener among all the seasons. Monsoon Freshen-ups trees, air, water, environment around us. This refreshment of nature is very much helpful for humans. The human body adapts the nourishment very fast in monsoon.

Monsoon, not also soothes the human mind, but also helps increase immunity. The human body adapts the nourishment very fast in monsoon. We change our outfits according to the weather. We fashion our clothes as it soothes the weather. But have you ever thought about deciding or planning a diet according to the season?

Do you know our dietary intake should differ according to weather? Do you feel during pandemics we should reconsider our Diet and health? Before the pandemic, we were used to consuming food as we enjoy its taste the most. But now it’s a time to shift our focus on tasty and healthy food. Our one choice of choosing healthy food over tasty food can make a lot of difference. We know shifting on eating healthy food is not as simple as choosing new clothes for the new day.

Don’t worry we have come up with a solution. Thankfully we can do that! Dry fruits! Yes, Dry fruits are filled with the best nourishment. Monsoon is the best season to start including dry fruits in your diet. Walnuts, Dates & Almonds are suitable Dryfruits to eat in the monsoon. Walnuts have Dietary Fiber, Fats; Proteins by with many health benefits are associated. Use walnuts in all kinds of sweet and savory dishes to add a delicious, nutty flavor to cakes, slices of bread, pests, sauces, salads, chutneys.

Dried Dates have higher calorie content than fresh Date fruit. The taste of dates goes unnoticed due to the fragrance of mawa or khoya. Due to its unique aroma & rich taste, it is often used to make burfi, gulab-jamun, peda, and many sweets.

You can eat Almonds as they are, like a snack. A handful of them in the morning can be a really good start to your day as they are filling and nutritious. Almonds are intrinsic to Indian cooking. You can use them in desserts as toppings and even make a paste out of them to use in thick curries.

So ultimately we have solved your “Taste + Health = Dryfruits” equation.  Choose healthy food and make a fresh start.

Happy Monsoon!
You’re health companion,


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