Indus Expo-2023

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An exhibition showcasing the dry fruits delicacies was held on the 8th January to 10th January at Bengaluru’s Indus expo. Dry Fruits Exhibition and launch, the event was a hit among dry fruit lovers, foodies, children and curious individuals alike. The exhibition boasted a wide array of fruits. Attendees were given the opportunity to taste, purchase, and learn about each dry fruit.

Many were in awe of the diversity and quality of the dry fruits on display. One attendee stated, “I’ve never seen such a variety of fruits in one place. I’m blown away by how fresh and delicious they all are.” The audience was treated to a culinary experience that was both delicious and visually stunning.



The event’s organizer, Mr. Rajesh Pandey, expressed his delight in the turnout of the exhibition. “We’re thrilled to see so many people and looking at kids excited to taste and buy our products appreciated the beauty of these dry fruits. We hope that this exhibition will raise awareness and promote the consumption of exotic dry fruits & our new launches,” he said.

The Dry Fruits Exhibition was not just an opportunity for fruit enthusiasts to indulge in their passion, but also a platform to educate and raise awareness about the importance of consuming a diverse range of dry fruits for a balanced and healthy diet. Nickmics was very excited to get this response as Nickmics is committed to Healthify not only an individual but the family.

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