Muharram Sharbat

Nickmics Muharram Sharbat Recipe

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A refreshing and traditional beverage consumed during the sacred month of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. Muharram Sharbat provides a soothing and cooling respite, symbolizing unity and solidarity during this sacred time of reflection and remembrance


1tbsp Nickmics almonds finely chopped
1tbsp Nickmics cashew nuts finely chopped
1 tbsp Pistachios finely chopped.
1/2tbsp Nickmics green cardamom powdered
1.5litre boiled milk
1/2 cup sugar powdered
4tbsp rooh afza
3tbsp grated coconut
1 cup water


In a vessel, mix water & sugar. Heat this mixture till the sugar dissolves.
Once the sugar dissolves, add powdered cardamom, all chopped dry fruits & mix well.
Let the water cool completely.
Once the water cools completely, add rooh afza & grated coconut & milk it. Mix well.
Cool it or add ice and enjoy the drink.

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