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Nickmics Makhana 250 gm | Lotus Seed | Dry Fruits & Nuts


Crunchy Goodness of Makhana at! Indulge in a guilt-free snacking experience with our premium selection of roasted and flavored Makhana. Packed with nutrients and a delightful crunch, our Makhana offerings are perfect for anytime snacking.

Explore a variety of flavors and treat yourself to a wholesome snack that’s both delicious and nutritious. Shop now and elevate your snacking game with Nickmics!

Make recipe using Nickmics Makhana : Nickmics Makhana Ladoo


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Delicious and nutritious puffed lotus seeds are a guilt-free snack option, perfect for satisfying those mid-day cravings without feeling like you’re sacrificing your health goals. Nickmics sources their Makhana from organic farmers, ensuring that you’re consuming only the best quality ingredients.

Dimensions 25 × 19 × 9 cm



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