The Surprising Reason Cashews are a Weight Loss Win

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Cashew nuts are among the most popular recipes, from ice creams and cakes to soups and spicy curries. Being rich in nutrients, cashews play a vital role in balancing weight. Cashews have an arsenal of nutrients that support weight loss and make them a part of a healthy diet. If you eat high-calorie food, you should have cashew nuts; they will significantly reduce your calorie intake!


Nutritional Values of Cashew Nuts

A daily dose of nuts is usually 1 to 1.5 ounces. An ounce of cashews equals about 18 cashew nuts. According to the USDA, an ounce (28 grammes) of raw cashew nuts contains 157 calories, 12.5 grammes of fat, 5.2 grammes of protein, and 8.6 grammes of carbohydrates (0.9 grammes come from fibre). This translates to 7.6 net carbs per ounce of raw cashews.

Cashew Nut Health Advantages

Cashews are a great addition to any diet, providing your body with numerous nutrients, but their role in bone health is especially noteworthy. Bone mineral density is essential in maintaining bone strength and preventing osteoporosis. So if you lead an active life or suffer from a condition that puts you at risk for low bone density, cashews can help keep your bones as healthy as possible.

Certain nuts are rich in calories and fat content, even though they provide high levels of healthy fats and protein. Eating the right kinds and striking the right balance can still include nuts without blowing your caloric budget.


Weight Loss with Cashew Nuts

It’s essential to be aware of the nutritional information listed on the labels of certain foods, and nuts are no exception. In this case, cashews may be healthier when eaten with lean protein and healthy fats than when eaten alone. It all comes down to portion control and remembering that nuts are high in calories. As long as you eat them in healthy moderation, though, they can be part of a healthy diet.


Cashew nuts can aid in weight loss by serving as a healthy substitute for less healthy ingredients in your diet. For example, try topping your salad with toasted cashew nuts instead of saturated fat-rich bacon bits or carbohydrate-rich croutons. In addition, cashew nuts are a convenient snack far healthier than chocolate, gummy bears, potato chips, and other widely consumed packaged or junk foods.


Although cashew nuts may appear dull compared to potato chips or snacks, you can spice them up by adding garlic salt or other spices. In addition, Harvard Health Publishing recommends adding a handful of nuts, such as cashews, to cooked vegetables or salads. One ounce of cashew nuts is the perfect snack to include in a healthy diet.


Cashews have fewer fats than other nuts, but there need to be more studies to determine their effect on weight loss. Cashews have a high protein content that keeps you full for a long time. Cashews have more vitamin K and zinc, but almonds have more fibre, vitamin E, and calcium and are suggested for weight loss.


Keto Diets and Cashew Nuts


So, people who follow popular diets eat more fat, fewer carbohydrates and the same amount of protein — but are they getting all their nutrients from food? Perhaps, maybe not. If you go low-carb or high-fat, you must ensure you get enough nutrients. High-fat foods like nuts and seeds can be part of healthy eating plans.

Cashew nuts can aid in weight loss as part of a low-carb or ketogenic diet. They are, however, only sometimes people’s first choice of nut. This is because other nuts contain more fat and fewer carbohydrates than cashew nuts. If you’re following a stricter ketogenic diet and looking for a nut to help you lose weight, try Cashew nuts.

The Bottom Line

Despite their high fat and calorie content, nuts are incredibly healthy. Regular consumption of nuts even assists you in shedding pounds. Select plain, unsalted varieties for the most beneficial option.

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