Nick Mics Jowar 500 gm | Millets


Discover the goodness of our premium Jowar Atta – sourced from fine jowar grains, it’s gluten-free and packed with nutrients. Elevate your recipes with its mild, nutty flavor. Try it for baking, rotis, and snacks.Buy Now and Order Today for a nutritious twist in your meals!


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Leechant Jowar 500 gm | Millets

Meet NickMics Jowar (Sorghum) – it’s packed with good nutrition and is gluten-free. You can use it in many ways, like making rotis or porridge. Choosing Jowar is also good for the environment, and it might help with things like digestion and blood sugar. Whether you’re a pro cook or just like healthy food, try Nickmics Jowar to make your meals better. Start eating healthier today!

Dimensions 25 × 19 × 9 cm



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